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Innovating for a Global Palate Since 1976

To say that Frank Visconti has experience in the food business is an understatement. Frank, a first-generation Italian-American, began helping his father, Sam, in his Italian grocery store, Monte Carlo in Highwood, Illinois, at the young age of six. This pride in the family’s culture and homeland continued when Sam opened two restaurants three years later, Two Guys from Italy and Little Italy (also in Highwood), where Frank helped his father until his late twenties.

This Visconti family tradition and passion continued when Frank opened Little Italy Pizza and Pasta in his hometown of Lake Forest, Illinois in 1997 where he continued to share the home-style recipes that made his father, Sam, famous in the North Shore of Chicago.

Flash-forward to 2017 when Frank opened Visconti Foods, LLC in Lake Forest.  At Visconti Foods, Frank continues to bring the very best food from his family’s Italian roots to dinner tables all across America. From pastas and sauces to grated cheeses and 100% Italian olive oil, Frank ensures that the authenticity and quality of Visconti Foods truly represents his family’s proud Italian culture and traditions.

For almost five decades, The Visconti family has prided themselves in sharing with their friends and neighbors the love and joy that Italian food brings to families, and Frank Visconti is proud to continue that legacy. As Sam would tell his customers, “We cook like Mama does in Italy”; a saying that is truly reflected in the products at Visconti Foods, LLC. 

                                                           Frank Visconti                                                           CEO / Owner